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Stuck in traffic?

Red Rock will be the newest transit corridor that connects the southeast suburbs to St. Paul - Minneapolis.

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Building ridership for commuter rail

Red Rock will be the Twin Cities’ next commuter rail line. Before an investment can be made in rail, building ridership through expanded commuter coach bus service and the construction of new park-&-ride facilities in Newport and Hastings will be the top priority.

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Next step: Station Area Development and Advanced Transit Planning

Immediate next steps for the Red Rock Corridor will focus on expanded bus service and promoting economic development at the station sites and throughout the corridor. Advanced transit planning and environmental analysis will also be conducted to further refine the long-term transit solution for the corridor.

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Red Rock Corridor
is a 30 mile...

...transportation corridor originating in Hastings traveling through downtown St. Paul and on to downtown Minneapolis. The corridor is roughly parallel to Trunk Highway 61 and Interstate 94.

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